Medicaid Beneficiaries

Beginning April 1, 2023, states will be able to terminate Medicaid enrollment for people no longer eligible.

Medicaid Beneficiaries, you may be at risk of losing your Medicaid coverage due to the end of a COVID-19 pandemic continuous enrollment rule. It is crucial that you understand the need for Medicaid redetermination and respond in a timely manner.

If you enrolled in Medicaid during the pandemic, you may not have been exposed to the annual Medicaid renewal process. This lack of exposure, combined with factors such as moving, disability, or limited English proficiency, could make it harder for you to receive and understand renewal notices. As a result, it is imperative to be proactive about renewing your coverage.


The end of continuous enrollment could impact several groups of people, including:

It is important to explore your options and find a suitable healthcare plan that provides coverage where Medicaid falls short.


Contact your insurance agent immediately. They can offer support during this transition, and help you go through the renewal process and ensure that your state Medicaid office has your correct contact information. Once they determine your Medicaid eligibility, they can connect you with available healthcare insurance options that fit your needs.

NOTE:  The Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) highly recommends that if you have Medi-Cal and you moved in the last three years, you should notify your county Medi-Cal office.  This will ensure that you receive notifications of your Medi-Cal status and redeterminations.

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We will post more information and resources regarding the unwinding process as we receive it.

We’re here to serve you and your healthcare needs!  Please contact us to receive guidance during this redetermination period to ensure that your healthcare coverage remains intact.

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